This 18,600 square foot laboratory is staffed with both large and small molecule bioanalysis experts, with multiple mass spectrometer platforms including high resolution mass spectrometry and broad ligand binding assay capabilities. This creates a robust development atmosphere and provides the scientific capability to handle project types from discovery through to commercialization. In fact, we are the only bioanalytical lab that operates fully paperless. We use an electronic lab notebook (ELN) to perform discovery work via virtualization — as needed, work can be completed remotely.

A true build-to-fit laboratory, the site was inspired by 30 years of scientific pain points and the persistent frustrations of top-level scientists with a passion for precision, efficiency, and an equal distaste for wasting time and resources. This is what an ideal bioanalytical lab should be: specifically designed to suit our clients through execution of studies and generating results that meet global regulatory expectations.  This was achieved by recruiting the best and brightest biomedical specialists and biological scientists and developing lab operations engineered from the ground up to be paperless — anticipating where the industry needs to go and primed for future growth.

Our Indianapolis laboratory develops and validates more than 100 methods annually with capacity to process approximately 450,000 samples per year. The lab is fully compliant for GLP/GCP bioanalytical standards.

Equipment and Techniques

The following is a list of the equipment and techniques performed on our bioanalytical platform within our laboratory operations at our Indianapolis location.

  • Thermo Vantage™
  • Thermo Quantiva™
  • Thermo Q-Exactive™ Plus
  • Waters® Acquity UPLC®
  • Thermo Ultimate™ 3000
  • Meso Scale Discovery (MSD®)
  • BioTek™ Synergy™ H1 Hybrid
  • Wizard2™ RIA
  • Beckman Coulter™ Vi-Cell™
  • Precellys® Cryolys® Evolution