Led by Abigail Brus, VP, Operations and Project Management, the Seattle laboratory is a dynamic, insight-driven workplace where our expert scientists generate an extensive biomarker assay portfolio encompassing metabolic and lipid biomarkers, safety markers such as the FDA-approved acute kidney injury (AKI) panel and a broad range of immunology and oncology markers.

We also have substantial expertise in bioanalytical testing, pharmacokinetic (PK), and neutralizing antibody assays (nAb). The laboratory is a 26,000 square foot facility, with an expansion to be completed in late 2021. It undertakes CAP/CLIA on-site inspections every two years (most recently 2021) and has undergone several FDA audits.

Setting a standard of consistent excellence and quality deliverables for over 30 years, the Seattle laboratory has produced an enormous body of industry-leading work: 1,500 individual projects (including over 450 CAP/CLIA) and over 680 compound identifications.

Certifications: CAP/CLIA, NYDOH, and GLP/GCP standards-bioanalytical.

Equipment and Techniques

The following is a list of equipment and techniques performed on our bioanalytical and biomarker platforms within our laboratory operations at our Seattle location.

  • MSD Quickplex
  • Singulex Erenna
  • EnVision Reader
  • Protein Simple Ella™
  • Molecular Devices SpectraMax
  • Roche Cobas c501, e411, e801
  • Integra ViaFlow
  • Integra AssistPlus
  • Molecular Devices VersaMax
  • BioTek Synergy H4
  • PerkinElmer Gamma Counter
  • MSD Sector S600
  • PerkinElmer Janus