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About Nexelis


As CEO, it’s my privilege to introduce you to Nexelis, a unique balance of world-class standards and human-scale collaboration.

As a state-of-the-art CRO, we place scientific discipline at the heart of every project, aided by our advanced facilities and cutting-edge technology.

Yet one of our key advantages is agility, an abundance of critical thinking from open minds in order to compress time and achieve results.

That’s why there’s no overlong process or heavy hierarchy. Instead, we encourage our specialists to exchange freely with colleagues and partner with clients in a spirit of friendship and transparency.

All-in-all, we at Nexelis offer a distinctive approach that generates enthusiasm from our scientists, collaborators as well as from our clients.

On behalf of all of us, thank you for your interest. To discover how our fit-for-purpose services and accelerated capabilities can answer your specific requirements, I invite you to contact us directly.

Benoit Bouche Ph.D. AMP, President & Chief Executive Officer



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Our Name Is Our Vision

As the embodiment of our corporate vision, our name and its structural components are a constant affirmation of who we are, what we do and how we do it.


We are the next generation of specialty testing lab, born when companies of global stature agreed to unify and advance to new levels of dynamic management and fast-track sophistication.


We excel by combining robust protocols with scientific discipline, human agility and client partnership in order to answer the most demanding mission requirements.


We have deep expertise in the disciplined field of vaccines, large molecules, immunotherapies and biomarkers, with a strong reputation for accelerated results, enabled by state-of-the-art platforms.


We excel by combining robust protocols with scientific discipline, human agility and client partnership in order to answer the most demanding mission requirements.

Our Guiding Principles

From long experience, we believe that success in our field is best achieved by a fusion of scientific discipline, human agility and client partnership.

Together, these guiding principles provide a solid working foundation, enabling our teams to excel with every mission, no matter how demanding, complex, or time sensitive.

human agility

dynamism, collaboration, ingenuity, critical thinking, open minds

scientific discipline

knowledge, diligence, focus, innovation, high throughput

client partnership

friendliness, transparency, integrity, proactivity, accountability

Our International Legacy

It can truly be said that Nexelis came into existence as a meeting of minds, giving us a clear perspective from each side of the CRO/client relationship.

  • In Canada, we emerged from GSK as the NEOMED-LABS with extensive knowledge and a deep pharma mindset.
  • In the United States, we grew from a University of Washington research unit to earn wide respect as Pacific Biomarkers.
  • More recently, we were joined by PAIRimmune, a knowledgeable CRO with major pre-clinical expertise.

Today, with unified management and an aligned direction, we bring to our clients over 10 years of bioanalysis, 15 years of vaccine and 25 years of biomarker experience.


Pacific Biomarkers

  • Spin-off from University of Washington Lipid Research Center
  • Biomarker menu with emphasis on complex large molecules
  • Fit-for purpose biomarker assays and Customized Bioanalytical assays provider
  • Expansion of services: immunogenicity cell-based assays and translational biomarker development


  • Spin-off from GSK Vaccine as an independent Infectious Vaccines Laboratory Services CRO
  • Transitioned all systems from GSK; implemented independent QMS and LIMS
  • Gained GCLP accreditatioN
  • Expanded the client portfolio and initiated collaboration with leaders in the vaccine field


  • Founded by former GSK employees as an independent Preclinical Immunology Services CRO
  • Expanded its expertise in infectious models, immune disorders and cancer therapy CQDM-funded for technology platform development


  • Pacific Biomarkers, NEOMED-LABS and Pair Immune merge into Nexelis
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