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About Nexelis

Corporate Brochure

Learn more about our company vision and principles.

Expertise & Services

Discover our expertise and full service portfolio.

PHE Partnership

Nexelis and Public Health England join forces to develop new preclinical and clinical assays to support R&D and clinical biopharmaceutical teams in fields such as infectious disease vaccines and immunotherapies.


Bioanalytical Services

How we assist our clients with state-of-the-art platforms to take large molecule candidates from preclinical to clinical programs (Phase I-IV).

Cellular Immunology Services

Assessing immunogenicity or efficacy of candidates from early to late-stage development with our cellular immunology assays.

Functional Viral and Bacterial Assays

Viral and bacterial functional assay development/transfer, qualification, validation and clinical testing.

High Throughput Testing Services

Fast-track your clinical trial with our dedicated high throughput testing services.

Immunochemistry Services

How we can assist you with single and multiplex immunochemistry assays for preclinical and clinical use.

Preclinical Services

Learn more about our preclinical in vivo models in the fields of infectious diseases, immune disorders and oncology.

Protein Sciences Platform

Advancing your project with molecular biology Services, protein expression, protein purification and protein characterization.


Kidney Injury Biomarkers

Rapidly and accurately diagnose drug-induced kidney injury with our novel biomarker portfolio.

FDA-Qualified Kidney Tubular Injury Composite Measure

Identifying the presence of drug-induced tubular injury in Phase I trials with our in-house developed Composite Measure.

FDA-Qualified Kidney Tubular Injury Safety Biomarker Panel

Supporting the detection of kidney tubular injury in Phase I trials.

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