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Charter of commitments

At Nexelis, we have decades of experience on both sides of the pharmaceutical/CRO relationship.

This extensive knowledge has been distilled into a series of 10 commitments from the company and 10 from every individual.

All are based on the guiding principles as enshrined in our symbol.

Our 10 company commitments

  1. At Nexelis, fit-for-purpose is more than a claim, it’s fundamental to our approach:
    We commit to total customization for every client, with the agility to make sure it happens on every project.
  2. For us, science is more than data, more than testing:
    We commit to a full appreciation of client needs in order to understand the aims, the logic and the consequences of each task we undertake.
  3. On any project, data can occasionally emerge as skewed or abnormal:
    We commit to unmasking and interpreting such anomalies with complete transparency.
  4. Each sample is precious:
    We commit to guarding and maintaining each as an essential link in the process, no matter how busy we are.
  5. For the most rapid efficiency, collaboration between clients and colleagues is paramount:
    We commit to minimal structure, open dialogue and constructive critique in order to enable the necessary free flow of solutions.
  6. Experienced staff must be available at all times for direction and advice:
    We commit to a policy of accessibility and for managers to spend as much time as possible working side-by-side with their teams.
  7. Candidate recruitment and bi-annual reviews are critical to our ongoing success:
    We commit to looking beyond expertise to interpersonal skills and collegial attitude in order to evaluate each person’s potential contribution.
  8. Clients should never feel they are just a project number:
    We commit to constant accessibility and communication between each side’s dedicated representatives at all times.
  9. Saying no to clients is not an option:
    We commit to maintaining a positive attitude no matter how difficult the requirement and working toward a solution no matter how complex the issue.
  10. By nature, we are always friendly and accommodating:
    We commit to a closely-knit partnership with clients and to being ultimately easy to work with.

My commitments as a Nexelis employee

  1. With our flat organizational structure, each person can have a true impact:
    I commit to broad responsibilities and to being accountable for each task I am assigned.
  2. We care about our colleagues, because their success is our success:
    I commit to friendly collaboration and the rejection of any staff politics.
  3. All egos must be left at the door:
    I commit to knowing as much as I can, and to seek counsel whenever I’m unsure.
  4. Sometimes it’s necessary to voice concerns:
    I commit to raising substantive issues when necessary, yet always constructively, with a sense of respect and consideration.
  5. Full transparency is mandatory with all colleagues and clients:
    I commit to complete honesty and total integrity with anyone, at any time, on any matter.
  6. Careful organization is essential to our entire process:
    I commit to an orderly approach to everything I do, even when exceptionally busy.
  7. Within our field, testing and development is always a race against time:
    I commit to the need for rapidity and efficiency while maintaining a strict doctrine of scientific discipline.
  8. Whenever humans are involved, however careful they are, errors can happen:
    I commit to revealing any possible error, telling the truth, and working diligently with colleagues or clients to remedy the situation.
  9. As a company, we must always be solution-oriented:
    I commit to being sufficiently open and agile that I can both suggest and accept extraordinary solutions when they are proposed.
  10. Every individual should understand our Nexelis company culture:
    I commit to this charter with a willingness to engage and an ambition to succeed.

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