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Cholesterol Total, Free and Esterfied

Analyte: Cholesterol Total, Free and Esterified
Specimen Type: Serum preferred, EDTA Plasma acceptable
Biological or Clinical Significance: Free cholesterol is a measure of the circulating cholesterol that has not been esterified.  Free cholesterol accounts for about 30% of the total cholesterol in plasma.  Cholesterol esterification occurs before or after it is released into the circulation and esterification with any physiologically relevant fatty acid enhances the lipid-carrying capacity of lipoproteins and prevents intracellular…

Cholesterol, Total

Analyte: Cholesterol, Total
Specimen Type: Serum, , Inquire for additional option(s)
Biological or Clinical Significance: Measurement of cholesterol is primarily used in assessing risk of heart disease and to aid in the diagnosis of the lipoprotein disorders.

FFA (Free Fatty Acids) NEFA

Analyte: Non-esterified Free Fatty Acid
Specimen Type: Serum (fasting recommended); Inquire for addiitional option(s)
Biological or Clinical Significance: Fatty acids are straight-chain carboxylic acids (either saturated or unsaturated). They are derived from the hydrolysis of fats or can be synthesized from two carbon units (acetyl- or malonyl-CoA) in the liver, mammary gland and, to some extent adipose tissue. Nearly all have an even number of carbon atoms. Individual fatty acids, free fatty acids…

Phospholipids, Total

Analyte: Phospholipids, Total
Specimen Type: Serum, EDTA Plasma
Biological or Clinical Significance: Serum phospholipids are formed in the liver, where they and other lipid components associate with apolipoproteins to produce lipoproteins. Determination of serum phospholipids may be helpful in diagnosis or clinical evaluation of cardiovascular diseases, as well as liver diseases, especially obstructive jaundice, and fetal lung development. Thus, compared to normal subjects, patients with coronary artery…

Triglycerides, Net (Glycerol-Blanked)

Analyte: Triglycerides Net (Free Glycerol Blank Correction)
Specimen Type: Serum, EDTA Plasma
Biological or Clinical Significance: Glycerol concentrations in fresh, fasting serum are usually in the 1 mg/dL range (levels may go up in samples that are not promptly processed and analyzed, or if refrigerated for extended periods).  Determination of triglyceride (TG) on a mass basis assumes that the molecular weight of triolein, 885 g/mol, represents the average triacylglycerol molecule in…
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