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HDL Preβ-1 (HDL Prebeta 1)

Analyte: Pre ß1 High-Density Lipoprotein
Specimen Type: EDTA plasma with stabilizer recommended; please contact nexelis for collection information
Optimum Volume: 2 mL
2-8°C -20°C -70°C
5 days N.A. 1 year
Reporting units: mg/dL
Method: ELISA
Biological or Clinical Significance:

Pre β1-HDL is a discoid-shaped HDL particle of approximately 67 kDa that migrates with pre-β electrophoretic mobility on agarose gels. It contains apolipoprotein A-I (Apo AI), phospholipids and unesterified cholesterol. Pre β1-HDL removes cholesterol from peripheral tissues through the reverse cholesterol transport (RCT). Depletion of Pre β1-HDL results in reduced in vitro cholesterol efflux from fibroblasts.

The concentration of Pre β1-HDL in plasma is a reflection of the rate of its formation (result of cholesterol efflux and lipolysis of triglyceride-rich lipoproteins) and remodeling (through the action of LCAT). Thus, the level of Pre β1-HDL could reflect the sum of both of these steps.

Principle of Test Method:

The Pre β1-HDL assay is a sandwich ELISA.

  1. Sviridov D, Miyazaki O, Theodore K, Hoang A, Fukamachi I, Nestel P. Delineation of the role of pre-beta1-HDL in cholesterol efflux using isolated pre-beta1-HDL. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2002; 22:1482-1488.
  2. Troutt JS, Alborn WE, Mosior MK, Dai J, Murphy AT, Beyer TP, Zhang Y, Cao G, Konrad RJ. An apolipoprotein A-1 mimetic dose-dependently increases the formation of preß1 HDL in human plasma. J. Lipid Res. 2008; 49: 581-587.
  3. Miida T, Obayashi K, Seino U, Zhu Y, Takako I, Kosuge K, Hirayama S, Hanyu O, Nakamura Y, Yamaguchi T, Tsuda T, Saito Y, Miyazaki O, Nakamura Y, Okada M. LCAT-dependent conversion rate is a determinant of plasma preß1-HDL concentration in healthy Japanese. Clin. Chim. Acta 2004; 350: 107-114.

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HDL Preβ-1 (HDL Prebeta 1)
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