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Preclinical Services

Over the years, Nexelis has developed various preclinical in vivo models to support the development of multiple candidates in the fields of infectious diseases, immune disorders and oncology. Whether for vaccines, immunotherapeutics, or other biologically-active molecules, we have the flexibility to adapt the readouts to fit your needs.

One of our specialties is to adapt existing models to new innovative approaches (mode of action, delivery route, etc.), but you can also choose a model that has already proven itself in prior studies:

  • Influenza (mice, ferret, pig)
  • LCMV (mice)
  • Measles (cotton rat)
  • RSV (mice, cotton rat, guinea pig)
  • Vaccinia (mice)
  • Rotavirus (mice)
  • Other models are available – please contact us for further details

Our non-GLP animal facility, located at the National Experimental Biology Center, is a high standard AAALAC and CALAS accredited installation.

Animal Study Design

  • We offer key-in-hand services from need evaluation and study design to project management and study execution.
  • We work with both small (mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc.) and large (rabbits, ferrets, pigs) animals.
  • In addition to standard and classical procedures, sustained experience with alternative routes of administration (intradermal, sublingual, transdermal).
  • Sample collection through biopsy and necropsy

In Vivo Study Approaches

  • Immunogenicity (humoral, cellular and innate immune responses)
  • Efficacy (BSL2 pathogens, tumor growth, immune disorders)
  • Reactogenicity (systemic and local)
  • Polyclonal and monoclonal antibody generation

Study Readouts

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Nexelis can help you in the advancement of your project.
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