Analyte: P-Selectin
Specimen Type: EDTA Plasma, see note **
Optimum Volume: 0.25 mL
Reporting Units: ng/mL
Method: ELISA
2-8°C 6 days
-20°C N.A.*
-70°C N.A.*

Biological or Clinical Significance:

P-selectin (GMP-140, LECAM-3, PADGEM, CD62, CD62P) is a cell surface glycoprotein that plays a critical role in the migration of lymphocytes into tissues.  It is found constitutively in a pre-formed state in the Weibel-Palade bodies of endothelial cells and in the alpha granules of platelets.  This stored P-selectin is mobilized to the surface within minutes in response to a variety of inflammatory or thrombogenic agents.  The mobilized P-selectin is apparently present on the cell surface for only a few minutes, after which it is recycled to intracellular compartments.

Evidence indicates that P-selectin is involved in the adhesion of myeloid cells, as well as B cells and a subset of T cells, to activated endothelium.  P-selectin is also involved in the adhesion of platelets to monocytes and neutrophils, playing a central role in neutrophil accumulation within thrombi.  The adhesion of leukocytes and neutrophils to the endothelium is initiated by weak interactions that produce a characteristic “rolling” motion of the leukocytes and neutrophils on the endothelial surface

P-selectin is found in the plasma of normal individuals at ng/mL concentrations.  Circulating P-selectin appears to be slightly smaller than native P-selectin.  A number of studies have reported that levels of soluble P-selectin in biological fluids may be elevated in subjects with a variety of pathological conditions.

Principle of Test Method:

The P-selectin assay is a solid phase ELISA designed to measure soluble P-selectin in cell culture supernates, serum and plasma. THe assay employs the quantitative sandwich immunoassay technique.   

*Please contact nexelis for stability information.

**Note: P-selectin is released from leukocytes during coagulation, and platelets release P-selectin during the clotting process therefore, EDTA plasma is considered the preferred sample type for analysis. Using serum for P-selectin analysis must be discussed with nexelis scientific team.


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