PINP (N-Terminal Propeptide of Type I Collagen) – ECL

Analyte: Aminoterminal Propeptide of Type I Collagen
Specimen Type: Serum, Inquire for additional option(s)
Optimum Volume: 0.5 mL
Reporting Units: ng/mL
Method: Electrochemiluminescence
2-8°C 3 days
-20°C 2 years
-70°C 2 years

Biological or Clinical Significance:

Collagen type I is present in soft connective tissues and bone, where it constitutes more than 90% of the organic matrix. During bone formation collagen type I is synthesized from pro-collagen type I, which is secreted from fibroblasts and osteoblasts. Pro-collagen type I contains N-and C-terminal extensions, which are removed by specific proteases during the conversion of procollagen to collagen. The extensions are referred to as the C- and N- terminal propeptides of procollagen type I (PICP and PINP). Thus, measurements of PINP can be of value in assessing bone formation.

Principle of Test Method:

The PINP assay is a sandwich immunoassay using electrochemiluminescent detection.