Daniel Boster, Principal Scientist, brings more than 20+ years’ experience of early- and late-stage large molecule bioanalytical science to Nexelis. Dan brings novel pharmacokinetic and immunogenicity assay development capability, with experienced troubleshooting techniques, to the regulated GXP environment. Dan’s work in the industry enabled him to gain firsthand experience with CROs: work collaboratively on assay development or validations, review regulated documents, and interpret sample analysis results.

At Nexelis, as a scientific lead, Dan works collaboratively with clients to understand their goals, endpoints, and offer guidance to ensure the outcome is scientifically sound, meets regulatory guidance, and leverages our assay expertise. This results in successful client projects produced with timely, consistent, quality data. In addition to his work with clients, Dan supports biomarker projects evaluating new assays to offer and maintain the integrity of our existing assays throughout its life cycle.

In addition to his scientific work experience, Dan earned a Molecular and Cellular Biology Bachelor of Science degree from University of Washington.