IL-8 (Interleukin-8)

Analyte: Interleukin-8
Specimen Type: Serum
Optimum Volume: 0.4 mL
Reporting Units: pg/mL
Method: Chemiluminescence
2-8°C 3 days
-20°C 9 months
-70°C 9 months

Biological or Clinical Significance:

Interleukin 8 (IL-8) or CXCL8 is a chemokine produced by macrophages and other cell types such as epithelial cells, airway smooth muscle cells. It induces chemotaxis in target cells, primarily neutrophils but also other granulocytes, causing them to migrate toward the site of infection. IL-8 also induces phagocytosis once they have arrived. IL-8 is also known to be a potent promoter of angiogenesis. IL-8 is a proinflammatory CXC chemokine that can signal through the CXCR1 and CXCR2 receptors.

Principle of Test Method:

The IL-8 assay is a chemiluminescent immunoassay. Detection range 0.4 – 400  MRD 1:2