Led by Sofie Pattijn, founder and Chief Technology Officer of ImmunXperts, a Q² Solutions Company, the 4,300 square foot Gosselies laboratory is located in the South Charleroi Biopark. Slated for expansion in 2022 (with a concurrent upgrade to BSL-3 from its current BSL-2+), the Gosselies laboratory also holds a Belgian Biobank License.

The site assists clients in advancing programs from discovery to pre-investigational new drugs (pre-IND) and exploratory clinical stages. Our Gosselies team stands ready to address a wide diversity of client needs encompassing all molecule types and is experienced with an array of new modalities such as novel anti-oncolytic molecules, cell and gene therapy products, monoclonal antibodies (mAb) bispecific antibodies, new antibody formats, small molecules, and reagents.

Managing low immunogenicity with risk assessment and lead selection to reduce risk prior to in vivo or factor increasing monocytopoiesis, our team also conducts early immunogenicity assessment. Our team has assisted drug developers in evaluating a wide range of first and second generation checkpoint blockers, second generation checkpoint inhibitors, and advancing approximately 100 molecules a year to the next phase of development. In Gosselies, about one third of our staff possesses a Ph.D. or post-doctoral degree. We also employ a specialized, dedicated biostatistician.

Equipment and Techniques

The following is a list of equipment and techniques performed on our early development platform within our laboratory operations at our Gosselies location.

  • BD Fortessa with 5 lasers – up to 20 parameters
  • Macs Quant®10 3 lasers – up to 10 parameters
  • Luminex
  • HTRF
  • Glomax Explorer
  • Spectramax
  • ELISpot/Fluorospot
  • Incucyte®️ SX5