Assays Contributing to Infectious Disease Therapies

For Vaccines, Antibiotics, and Antivirals

Recent events force the question: What is the best plan to reduce the burden of infectious disease globally through vaccination and prevention? Nexelis, a Q² Solutions Company, has long been at the forefront, aiding in the development of new vaccines faster and with better methodologies in partnership with premier organizations focused on this task. We continue to commit to prioritizing a swift response to global threats to public health through innovation, collaboration, and action.

  • Our partner, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), has established a global network of laboratories transferring viral functional methods and reagents worldwide for rapid vaccine development. Their goal is to reduce the threat of future outbreaks and enable equitable access to lifesaving vaccines.
  • Another partner, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, also aims to reduce health inequities through new tools and strategies that reduce infectious diseases, such as HIV, malaria, and pneumonia. In addition, they invest in deep technical expertise and novel platforms for vaccine development to accelerate innovation for better, faster, and affordable vaccines.
  • Reducing food-borne bacterial infections is an urgent concern across the globe. Targeting specific serotypes of pathogens such as Campylobacter, Cyclospora, Listeria, Salmonella, Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC), Shigella, Vibrio, and Yersinia is one way to better understand outbreaks and prevention. With our experience working with infectious bacteria and our high-performing functional bacterial assays, we are prepared to support you.

Custom Assay Development Services Expedite Your Research

Our longstanding expertise and track record in infectious disease crosses the spectrum of assay development and testing.

Early Development

We have a highly experienced team and exceptional in vitro bioassay development support for candidate selection. Evaluate immune response with custom, high-performance functional and immunogenicity assays utilizing human immune cells. With efficient, top-tier technology platforms, we will help you ensure functionality and improve your program’s chance of success.


The right model can make all the difference. We have developed numerous in vivo models for specific disease states and our experts tailor models to suit your objective.

Expanded Clinical Phase Services

Whether you need validated assays for vaccines targeting viral or bacterial agents, or large and small molecule bioanalytical services, such as LC-MS, cell-based, or ELISA assays (and multiplex platforms like MSD and ELISpot), at Nexelis, we have the scalable solution.

Protein Science

Nexelis scientists are specialized in molecular biology, protein expression, protein purification, and protein characterization. We tailor our programs to suit your needs, providing well-characterized products of the highest quality. Our experts will help you choose the most beneficial environment in which to produce your molecules, such as human cell lines for viral protein production. Furthermore, to expedite development and ensure supply, we produce our own critical reagents (antigens) for in-house and external clients.


Agnostic of modality, the nature of the infectious agent drives our assay development and selection utilizing a wide range of solutions. We have the flexibility to adapt assays to study not only the initial disease, but also any variants that may develop.

Global Footprint

Nexelis is strategically expanding to provide you with more options, expertise, and services. Partnership with UK Health Security Agency expands our capacity and global reach. Investments such as the January 2021 acquisition of GSK’s GCLP-certified clinical bioanalytical laboratory in Marburg, Germany add capacity and expertise. Ongoing projects in Marburg include development of meningitis functional assays and in collaboration with our Laval site, a study of influenza.