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With our roots in infectious diseases, Nexelis, a Q² Solutions company, has an extensive track record and expertise across the spectrum of drug development and testing. Dedicated to immunology and vaccines, we continue to expand and excel in the space through acquisitions and partnerships. Acquisitions include the GSK clinical laboratory in Marburg, Germany, bioanalytical laboratory AIT Bioscience in Indianapolis, Indiana, and biomarker-focused laboratory Pacific Biomarkers in Seattle, Washington. We worked with a broad range of infectious agents, from flu and SARS-CoV-2 to pneumonia, meningitis, and pathogenic bacteria. Read More >


Combining cutting-edge technology platforms and state-of-the-art laboratories with over 20 years of vaccine testing experience, Nexelis is the immunology partner of choice to support your candidate selection and assay development. Take advantage of our five vaccine platforms, our in-house custom in vivo services, and our protein sciences capabilities — including molecular biology, protein expression, purification, and characterization expertise. To adapt to your requirements, we can rapidly produce custom antigen and pseudoparticle reagents in-house, as we did in our SARS-CoV-2 work. In addition, our team in Belgium can support vaccine-candidate selection via in vitro assays using primary human immune cells.

Partner with Nexelis for the development, qualification, and validation of immunological assays and sample testing to support your vaccine development from lead selection through late stage clinical trials. Staffed with renowned scientists on the forefront of assay development and testing, we support the leading pharma and biotech companies with a scientific-driven approach. Read More >

Functional profiling and evaluation of immunogenicity of candidate therapeutics with in vitro bioassays is a critical step in documenting mode of action and prioritizing candidate selection for immunotherapies. Under the leadership of industry-recognized expert Sofie Pattijn, CTO and founder of Nexelis company ImmunXperts, our team delivers flexible, customized services for immuno-oncology therapies, from investigative preclinical through exploratory clinical endpoints.

Our custom and off-the-shelf in vitro assays, such as immune checkpoint inhibitor screening, use high-quality human primary immune cells to help you select the candidates most likely to become life-saving therapies. Find greater value in ex vivo models as a way to simulate the human tumor environment and overcome certain limitations of animal studies.

In clinical immuno-oncology studies, we apply more than three decades of biomarker expertise to support the next generation of therapeutics. Whether you need standard or custom solutions, the team at our CAP/CLIA-certified biomarker facility will partner with you from feasibility to validation. Nexelis also supports exploratory flow cytometry work in translational immuno-science, allowing you to expand your clinical trial to investigate secondary readouts and elucidate unknowns, offering evidence to expand your understanding of patient selection and the disease process itself. Read More >


Biologics may induce an antidrug antibody (ADA) response causing allergic reactions, reduced efficacy, or induced autoimmunity. Our team has more than 15 years of experience developing and validating single and multiplex immunochemistry assays for a wide variety of molecules.

For immunogenicity services from preclinical evaluation and screening of candidate therapeutics through clinical immunogenicity monitoring, you can rely on our expert bioanalysis support. Whether you need in silico immunogenicity assessment with epitope prediction or advanced clinical laboratory testing for therapeutic protein products via neutralizing antibody assays and ADA-isotyping, Nexelis delivers. Our flexible, customized programs help you mitigate risk while saving time and expense. Read More >

Nexelis has a 30-year history in the metabolic field, drawing on expertise from heritage biomarker company Pacific Biomarkers and bioanalytical CRO AIT Bioscience, now part of Nexelis. Our team of renal pathway experts helped support the development of an AKI multiplex biomarker panel, the first approved by the FDA to aid in the detection of kidney tubular injury in Phase I trials. We also offer a broad range of biomarkers for other indications including end-stage liver disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and lipotoxicity.

Committed to continued investment and development in the metabolic field, such as biomarkers and bioanalytical methods for NASH and NAFL/NAFLD, Nexelis maintains a “fit-for-purpose” assay development philosophy. We collaborate to support from feasibility to full validations with novel biomarkers, proprietary technology transfers, and comprehensive bioanalytical services for both large and small molecules. Read More >

On the Forefront of COVID-19

Recognized leader in the COVID-19 field by governmental and non-governmental organizations as the reference assay development company in the vaccine field, from lead optimization through large scale advanced clinical, including:

Leaders in the COVID-19 field

Scientist Spotlight

Sofie Pattijn

CTO and Founder of ImmunXperts, a Q² Solutions company | Gosselies, Belgium

Sofie Pattijn, Chief Technology Officer and Founder of ImmunXperts, a Q² Solutions company, has over 20 years of experience in the field of immunogenicity assessment (vaccines and biotherapeutics) and in vitro assay development with a focus on functional assays for immunogenicity, immuno-oncology, and cell and gene therapy products. She has extensive hands-on lab experience and has managed and coached several in vitro teams over the last decade. From 2008 to 2013, Sofie was head of the in vitro immunogenicity group at AlgoNomics (Ghent, Belgium) and Lonza Applied Protein Services (Cambridge, UK). Prior to that, she worked at Innogenetics in Belgium for over 15 years.

Luc Gagnon

VP Vaccine Services | Laval, Quebec

Luc Gagnon, Vice President of Vaccine Sciences, leads scientific operations at Nexelis to support vaccines and biologics throughout the different phases of clinical trials. Luc brings over 20 years of experience in several biotech, CRO, and pharmaceutical companies to his role, including extensive expertise in ligand binding and microbiology/virology functional assay development, qualification, and validation.

Daniel Boster

Associate Director, Method Development | Seattle, Washington

Daniel Boster, Associate Director, Method Development, brings more than 20+ years’ experience of early and late-stage large molecule bioanalytical science to Nexelis.  Dan brings novel pharmacokinetic and immunogenicity assay development capability, with experienced troubleshooting techniques, to the regulated GXP environment. Dan’s work in the industry enabled him to gain firsthand experience with CROs: work collaboratively on assay development or validations, review regulated documents, and interpret sample analysis results.