For What’s Next in Immunology

The scientific discipline, critical thinking, and agility to advance your molecule to market

We are your partner for assay and biomarker development, advanced laboratory testing, and translational immunology. As the leading specialty laboratory, we have unrivaled expertise in immunology, specifically in areas of infectious diseases, vaccine, metabolic diseases, and immuno-oncology.

Our vast experience, combined with disciplined agility, are the solution to advancing your molecule to market faster. Knowledge, diligence, and innovation comprise the scientific discipline found at the heart of every project we undertake. Our agility springs from the critical thinking of our reputable scientists who navigate challenges and deliver high-quality data for critical decisions to expedite programs.

At Nexelis, a Q² Solutions Company, our elite scientists, advanced technology platforms, and global network of laboratories across North America, Europe, and APAC support the future modalities, including biologics, antiviral drugs, immunotherapy, and gene and cell therapy products.

For what’s next in therapeutic testing and development, choose Nexelis.

What Makes Us Different

As a next-generation CRO, our team works as an extension of your team – collaborative, critical thinking and agile. We adapt to what is needed for the industry, as we did in response to SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Nexelis led the industry in assay development against SARS-CoV-2 in partnership with UK Health Security Agency. We accelerated development in part due to a decision to amend our business model and start the R&D necessary without client partner funding or project commitments. It is proactive decisions like this that propel us forward to offer the best solutions for our clients.

Unrivaled expertise in immunology

  • Outstanding, global scientific team
  • Advanced technology platforms
  • Customized, state-of-the-art assay and biomarker development
  • Support of FDA filings for almost 350 new molecular entities

Our Vision & Guiding Principles

Our name and symbol represent the vision and principles that guide us. As the embodiment of our corporate vision, our name and its structural components are a constant affirmation of who we are, what we do, and how we do it. From long-standing experience, we believe that success in our field is best achieved by a fusion of scientific discipline, human agility, and client partnership. Together, these guiding principles provide a solid working foundation, enabling our teams to excel with every mission, no matter how demanding, complex, or time sensitive.