Bioassays for Lead Selection and Optimization

For R&D in Immunogenicity, Immuno-Oncology, and Cell and Gene Therapy

We have exceptional in vitro bioassay development services and support for early evaluation and screening of candidate therapeutics. Our highly experienced team will facilitate in silico immunogenicity assessment with epitope prediction to in vitro immunogenicity and immuno-functionality assays.

We specialize in in vitro bioassays involving primary human immune cells. These tests are suitable for many areas of investigation, including immuno-oncology, inflammation, autoimmunity, cell and gene therapy, and prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines. Use these powerful tools as:

  • Immunogenicity evaluations for safety assessments and potency
  • Functional assays for development
  • Potency assays for development
  • Explorations of clinical end points and modes of action

The experienced ImmunXperts, a Q² Solutions Company, team has worked with all types of products (monoclonal and bispecific antibodies, cell and gene therapies, RNA/DNA vaccines, viruses, small molecules, immune checkpoint inhibitors). We will adapt our programs to help you ensure functionality in the most efficient way possible utilizing top-tier technology platforms such as Incucyte® live cell analysis, multiparameter flow cytometry, and Luminex and Fluorospot technologies. Choose from full assessments or a la carte solutions to adapt your protocol supported by our team with assay optimization.

Flexible, Custom Assay Development for Discovery and Candidate Screening

Partner with us for a scientifically disciplined approach that will help improve your program:

  • In silico tools to support low-cost rational assessment
  • In vitro tools, including assays using human primary immune cells
  • Immunogenicity assessment
  • Immuno-oncology focused functional assays, such as T-cell killing and exhaustion assays or myeloid cell assays
  • Potency assays (functional screening and potency assays, cellular disease models, drug MoA)

ImmunXperts In Vitro Assay Services

Immunogenicity Immuno-Functionality Inflammation / Auto-Immunity Immuno- Oncology Cell and Gene Therapy