Immuno-Oncology Assays Including Immune Checkpoint Screening

Early evaluation and screening of the immunomodulatory effectiveness of candidate therapeutics using in vitro bioassays is a critical step in the development of novel or combination immunotherapies. Translational in vitro assays provide insight into the therapeutic potential of your drug candidates by combining tumor and immune cells and demonstrating their relationships within the human immune-tumor microenvironment. We provide expert assistance for in vitro screening of monoclonal and bispecific antibodies, proteins, small molecules, peptides, RNA, DNA, nanoparticles, and many other modalities.

Factors Impacting Immunogenicity

Access functional cellular immunoassays in human immune cells.

Our assay services include:

  • Mixed lymphocyte reaction (MLR)
  • Antigen specific T-cell activation
  • T-cell exhaustion
  • T-cell regulatory (Treg) suppression
  • Macrophage polarization
  • Macrophage suppression
  • Myeloid-derived suppressor cell (MDSC) suppression
  • Antibody-dependent cellular phagocytosis (ADCP)
  • Antibody-dependent cellular toxicity (ADCC)
  • Natural Killer (NK) activation

Assay Readouts

  • Incucyte® live cell analysis system for physiological insights
  • Cytokine and chemokine profile, customized or off-the-shelf panels — Luminex, ELISpot/multicolor FLUOROSpot, ELISA, ICS
  • Multiparameter flow cytometry analysis and cell sorting
  • Luminescence and Fluorescence detection
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