Biomarkers and Custom Assay Development for Metabolic Diseases

Specialty Lab Services for NASH/NAFLD and Inflammation

Nexelis, a Q² Solutions Company, has over 30 years of experience in supporting the metabolic field through the continued development and investment to our biomarker services. We draw on our expertise from heritage company Pacific Biomarkers and AIT Bioscience, now Nexelis companies.

Since acquiring Pacific Biomarkers, which was founded to support cardiovascular and lipid clinical research, Nexelis continues to invest in understanding metabolic diseases. We emphasize the importance of biomarkers as an effective tool in learning about therapeutic patient response. We continue our efforts to evolve with the industry, adding to our understanding of diseases and investing in kidney and liver biomarkers, including those for NASH/NAFLD.

Nexelis is positioned to support our clients in the best way possible. Partnering with us allows you to leverage our decades of expertise in supporting clinical research in metabolic diseases. We proactively conduct literature searches to identify and develop cutting-edge assays for novel biomarkers suitable to examine a wide variety of metabolic diseases. Our deep understanding of the therapeutic area and an expansive menu of biomarkers enable us to establish a well-designed, comprehensive clinical research program for your studies.

Beyond our extensive portfolio of off-the-shelf biomarker assays, we support novel biomarker needs from feasibility to full validations. We offer a broad range of assays and tests for evaluating the efficacy or mechanism of action, probing various metabolic disease pathways. Some of our previous success stories include work in dyslipidemias, inflammatory components of various metabolic disease pathways, as well as the gut-brain axis.

We also support the optimization of metabolic biomarker assays and their translation to high-volume clinical applications. In addition, we offer a variety of biomarkers for other metabolic disease indications including end-stage liver disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, lipotoxicity, and specific organ-based injury or toxicity panels for the liver and kidney (Acute Kidney Disease Injury panel and others).

Experienced Scientists for Your Metabolic Disease Program

A Powerful Consultative Partnership Aids Translational Sciences

Whether you are assessing target-based, mechanism-based, or disease-based biomarkers, formulating the most effective biomarker strategy can be a challenge. Our seasoned scientists will collaborate with you to decide which inflammatory pathway to investigate, and how to go about it.

Early Engagement Facilitates Clean Go-No-Go Decisions

What biomarkers suit your trial, what are your exploratory endpoints, and might your cohort provide additional insights? Our experience working with metabolic diseases and mechanisms streamlines your programs and increases the probability of success.

Latest Biomarkers, Selected for Utility

To identify emerging candidate biomarkers that probe specific pathways and mechanisms relevant to our clients, our team is constantly monitoring the literature. We onboard the emerging biomarkers we judge most likely to enhance your metabolic disease research.

Gold Standard AKI Biomarker Panel

Nexelis renal pathway experts developed the AKI panel assessed and qualified by the Critical Path Institute and FDA approved for Phase I trials.