In the immuno-oncology space, the regulation of the immune system is paramount in the development of a successful therapeutic. This webinar will showcase assays to evaluate cellular pathways of immune cells, T-cells, and macrophages while highlighting functional and immunogenicity assays developed in support of current and emerging therapeutics. The speakers, Sofie Pattijn, an immuno-oncology expert who leads the ImmunXperts team in Belgium, and Thibaut Janss, one of our leading expert scientists for immuno-oncology, will outline how in vitro methods mimic the tumor environment to measure therapeutic functionality.

Register for this webinar to hear the speakers highlight how in vitro models are essential at critical phases of development to support lead candidate selection or generate data for evaluation in an exploratory clinical phase. As the development transitions through pre-IND to clinical phases, there are a variety of cellular assays and clinical applications that support the drug development process.

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