Laval, May 31, 2018 – Laval headquartered NEOMED-LABS, a global leader in the clinical immunology field, announces today a 3-year extension of their strategic agreement with GSK, the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer.
Under the terms of this renewed agreement, NEOMED-LABS will develop immunotools (antigens), immunochemical assays as well as functional assays and undertake the clinical testing for several GSK vaccine projects at the clinical stage.
NEOMED-LABS is a spin-out from GSK’s Clinical Laboratory Services since April 2015 with a three-year original agreement. Following a successful transition from GSK, NEOMED-LABS became a fully independent CRO in 2017 and is now collaborating with major global vaccine manufacturers.
The renewal of this strategic relationship is clear evidence of the continued excellent collaboration between NEOMED-LABS and GSK. We thank GSK for their great vision in transferring to NEOMED-LABS a team with deep scientific, technical know-how and advanced global capabilities to create value to our customers. We are extremely pleased that GSK has decided to extend its relationship with NEOMED-LABS. We are proud of the success of our collaboration and look forward to providing ongoing support for GSK’s vaccine development programs.” said Benoit Bouche, President and CEO of NEOMED-LABS.
“Collaborations with leading external partners are vital to our innovation and we are delighted to renew our strategic relationship with NEOMED-LABS” said Emmanuel Hanon, Senior Vice President Head of Research and Development, Vaccines at GSK. “Over the past three years, NEOMED-LABS has demonstrated its ability to increase its expertise and flexibility in delivering quality readouts for clinical development programs of vaccines and immunotherapies. By running high quality clinical immunology laboratory services, NEOMED-LABS contributes to the development of vaccines at GSK, helping to protect people against infectious diseases.”