Preclinical In Vivo Expertise and Credentials

Design of In Vivo Study Systems

In Vivo models to assess immunogenicity and/or efficacy of candidates with the following species:

Though one of our specialties is to design and adapt studies to new innovative approaches (mode of action, delivery route, etc.), you can also choose an established model we created, designed, and executed to evaluate infectious diseases:

  • Influenza (mice, ferret, pig)
  • LCMV (mice)
  • Measles (cotton rat)
  • RSV (mice, cotton rat, guinea pig)
  • Vaccinia (mice)
  • Rotavirus (mice)

Other models are available — please contact us for further details.

Specialize in Custom Models

Immunogenicity, infectious disease, chronic infection, exhaustion, autoimmune, oncology models

  • Knowledge of best application of each in vivo model
  • Exceptionally large panel of immunology readouts
  • Design of new and bespoke models
  • Development of immunotools and assays specific for each study model
  • Scientifically driven, transparent, and collaborative with our sponsors

Over 20 years of experience in formulation assessment:

  • mRNA/DNA
  • Protein-based
  • Live virus/viral vector
  • Nanoparticle
  • Adjuvanted formulations
  • Blocking/depleting antibodies
  • Small molecules
  • Excipient evaluation

Preclinical Immunology

  • Development and optimization/qualification
  • Immunogenicity: humoral, cell-mediated
  • External histopathology, clinical chemistry, and hematology
  • Clinical behavior observations

In Vivo Imaging

  • IVIS technology
  • Noninvasive, highly sensitive
  • Luminescence or fluorescence
  • Disease progression, gene expression